About RealDeal

Meet Jim Scott, owner and operator of RealDeal Fun Casino. With around 50 years gaming experience, he is a true casino aficionads.

Jim has international experience, travelling the globe on cruise ships, providing the exceptional quality of service that you would expect to find on the luxury liners.

His experience makes him the most discerning Fun Casino operator around. All of the staff they use are former colleagues from their time in real casinos. No chancers, no self-taught pretenders, no ‘Fun Casino croupiers’ like our competitors. Many other companies say that their staff are ‘experienced’, which only means they’ve worked in a Fun Casino before! Others say that their staff are ‘professional’, which means they’ve been paid to work in a Fun Casino before! And when they say that their croupiers are ‘trained’, they don’t tell you who trained them! None of them can proudly boast the skills and experience that Jim and all RealDeal croupiers share, because they simply don’t possess them!

All of our croupiers were trained in REAL casinos, and worked as REAL croupiers with years of REAL casino experience! Quite simply, we are the Real Deal!

Jim will attend all bookings in person, along with our croupiers. This enables us to control the quality of our product first-hand and also offers you a personal service and an on-site contact at your event with the authority to offer immediate assistance and advice, should it be required. As such, we only ever accept two bookings on any given day.