Casino Games

At RealDeal, we offer an amazing range of games. From Fun Casino staples like Roulette, Blackjack and Poker, to the less well known but equally enjoyable Craps, Casino War and Chuck-a-Luck, all dealt by real croupiers who have experience of working in real casinos.



No Fun Casino is complete without the glitz and glamour of roulette. Easy to learn, easy to play, the only difficult bit is quitting while you’re ahead! Simply place chips on the playing area, known as the “layout”, backing as many or as few numbers as you wish. All numbers have the same chance of winning. The dealer spins the ball around the wheel and wherever it lands is the winning number. There are a number of ways to bet from simply covering half of the numbers with one chip, to creating your own complex betting theories and strategies

Difficulty Rating: 2


Black Jack

Build your hand to get closer to 21 than the dealer but be careful, go bust and you lose everything! We offer three different types of Blackjack, ‘traditional’, ‘modern’ and ‘Vegas 21’. Not sure which is right for your event? That’s fine! Just book a blackjack table and we’ll bring all three, so you can try them all!

Difficulty Rating: 2


Stud Poker

Five Card Stud, Casino Stud, or Caribbean Stud as it’s sometimes known. A simple version of poker with great bonus odds, it’s relatively easy to pick up but much more difficult to put down! Win with a weak hand one minute, lose with a strong hand the next. This version of poker is played against the croupier, rather than each other, making it a really friendly introduction to a game that has captivated the world!

Difficulty Rating: 3



In real casinos, the game of craps is designed to keep gamblers at the table for as long as possible. As such, it’s a more complex game with a deeper level of player involvement. When we’ve provided this full game in the past, we’ve found that guests spent more time trying to understand the game and learning the rules than they did playing and enjoying the game. To remedy this, we have taken all of the key elements of the game but removed all of the confusing and less significant aspects, to create an easier format which is still engaging and fun but more appropriate for the Fun Casino environment. As we designed the format ourselves, we’re pretty sure that we are the only Fun Casino offering a version of craps designed specifically for the Fun Casino market.

Difficulty Rating: 3



This is a dice game, similar to craps, but using three dice. It takes minutes to learn and is a great ‘entry level’ game for the novice.

Difficulty Rating: 1


Texas Hold ‘em Poker

Hold ‘em is the fastest growing recreational game in the world. Over the last few years, poker websites on the internet have grown by the thousand and TV has played host to some of the major poker events around the world. Why is it so popular? It’s easy to pick up the basics and it’s the only game where the best hand doesn’t always win. Sometimes all you need is a good bluff and a strong Poker Face!

Difficulty Rating: 4


Casino War

A simple, “entry level” game. Everyone playing receives a single card face up, the dealer has two cards face down. One player decides which of the dealers cards to turn over. If the player has a higher card than the dealer, they win, if the dealer has a higher card, the player loses. If it’s a tie, then the player has the chance to surrender half of their bet or double-up and ‘go to war’, playing against the dealers’ unseen second card.

Difficulty Rating: 1