Fun Casino FAQ’s

There are two questions that we get asked most often. The first is “Can we gamble for real money?”

The simple answer is ‘No’. Fun Casinos are not about offering opportunities for ‘hard gaming’ (gambling for money). They are offered solely as an entertainment, where guests play for free, in order to win prizes, or as a fundraiser for registered charities and good causes, where players can be charged a nominal amount to play for non-cash (or equivalent) prizes.

The second question is “If you are so good, how come you are so cheap compared to other Fun Casinos?”

It’s simple. We keep our overheads to an absolute minimum. For instance, one of our competitors boasts that they have their own offices. Why? Ours is a mobile product, so why do we need expensive premises that the customer ends up paying for? Many have 0800 phone numbers, which they add the price of their product. We encourage our clients to contact us initially via email or via our contacts page. It’s cheaper for you and cheaper for us, everybody wins! Other Fun Casino operators are large corporate entertainment companies, run by people who have no casino experience or skills of their own, and so they pay someone else to do the job. We should know – we used to work for some of them! At RealDeal, the owners are the operators, reducing the need for staff, except at busy times. Because you pay a ‘per table’ rate, this covers the cost of any extra staff involved.

In addition, we keep our marketing costs low, sourcing free advertising wherever we can and attending Wedding Fayres that are reasonably priced for exhibitors. Much of our work comes from recommendation by former clients or repeat business for the same client. We create and run our own email advertising campaigns when we need them. After four years, we have just splashed out on professional help for our website, preferring to concentrate our financial investment into the business on improving what really matters to every client – the quality of the end product.

Finally, by keeping our overheads low, we keep our prices low. By keeping our prices low, we manage to achieve a turnover low enough to exclude us from the need to be VAT registered. That saves you 20% straight away. We could charge so much more for what we do but we are happy with our prices, we hope that you are too!

Other important FAQs.

“Are you licensed? Do we need to be licensed?”

As we do not provide hard gambling, we do not need to be licensed, nor do you. If you are using a public venue, then they will carry all the relevant local entertainment licensing for your event. Private parties in residential properties do not require any special licensing.

“What about insurance?”

We carry full Public Liability Insurance for all of our bookings, to the value of £5 million. We are happy to supply venues with copies of our PLI certification on request, prior to working at the venue.

“How long does the casino last?”

Our prices are quoted on a ‘per table basis, operating for a maximum of three hours. This time does not include installation or removal of equipment. It is possible to extend the dealing time by adding extra croupiers for an additional charge. It is also possible to extend the three hour period with a break of upto one hour midway through, perhaps for a buffet or an artiste.

“Can we just hire the equipment and deal the games ourselves?”

Unfortunately, as we only use top of the range equipment, we don’t hire them out without experienced and professional staff to take care of both our equipment and your guests, ensuring the ongoing quality of our product.