RealDeal Prices and Extras

Our pricing policy is really simple. You only pay for what you need. No fake deals to include stuff that you don’t really want but get charged for as part of a package! All of our tables are priced at the same rate. Unlike some, we do not charge a premium for Roulette tables, just because they are a little bigger, so you get to choose the tables that you really want!

Your first table will cost £200. This includes installation, up to three hours running time and removal at the end of the gaming session. This price also includes plenty of our generic Fun Money for distribution to your guests. (see more about ‘Fun Money’ below.)

Additional tables cost just £140 each. That’s right, just £140, fully staffed and with no hidden extras.

To these basic prices, we may add a delivery charge. This is solely to cover fuel costs to and from your event. If your event is within 30 minutes driving time from our base, then we will not add a delivery charge. If you are 30 minutes to an hour away, the delivery charge will be £10. If you are more than an hour away, the delivery charge will be more than £10 but be assured that the most that we’ve ever charged for delivery is £30 to a venue in central Sheffield! While we reserve the right to review our delivery charges as fuel prices fluctuate, once we have confirmed your booking, the price quoted is the price that you pay.

Fun Money

Fun Money is how guests acquire chips to play with. Think of it as a voucher distributed to guests before the Fun Casino opens, which they then present to the croupiers and exchange for 20 chips.

All of our table prices include plenty of our generic, reusable Fun Money vouchers for your guests. However, you can upgrade your ‘Standard’ Fun Money to either of our personalised options. Our ‘Special’ note is customised version of our ‘Standard’ voucher, which can incorporate your own script and images. Our ‘Superior’ Fun Money note is a single-sided full size mock-up of an old Bank of England £20 note, or a $20 US note (great for Vegas themes!) which again incorporate your own script and images. Prices for this service are quoted on quantity, please contact us to discuss your requirements and a no-obligation quote.


Enhance your Fun Casino and make it unique with our range of theming extras. Add individual items or choose from one of our theming packages. A one-stop solution to theming your party, and, of course, we do all the decorating, leaving you time to relax and prepare for a great night!

Individual Items

Red carpet & Rope entrance. £25
‘Casino’ sign, single £15
Balloon ‘plume’, single £17.50
Flame Light, single £25
‘007’ Gold balloon display £30

Basic Packages (all save £5 on individual prices)

Red Carpet & red rope entrance and pair of ‘Casino’ Signs £50
Red Carpet & red rope entrance and pair of balloon ‘plumes’ £55
Red Carpet & red rope entrance and pair of ‘Flame Lights’ £70

Deluxe Package

Red Carpet and rope entrance, normally £25
Pair Balloon plumes, normally £35
Pair of Flame Lights, normally £50
Total price £90, saving £20 on individual prices

The ‘James Bond’ Casino Royale theming package

15 Bond Movie Posters
2 rigid freestanding Bond and Bond-girl silhouettes
Red Carpet & Red Rope entrance
1 set of ‘007’ gold balloon displays
2 Flame Lights
Total price £130

All extras are offered subject to availability, strictly on a first-come-first-served basis.